Beginning of Universe

The sculpture made with Haan colective is ready to visit in Fundación Sales, Vigo.SPAIN.


Art piece from HAAN (Hannes Aleksi and Antía Sánchez)

Made of: Cedar and Ceramic. Dimensions: 150 x 160 x 60 cm. Year: 2020

The Art piece is based on the first poem of ancient Finnish mythology (Kalevala) that tells about how the world was born:

“In the beginning, there was only water and air. The world had not yet been shaped. A bird flew to Ilmatar, the air goddess, and laid seven eggs on her knees. Goddess moved her knees and the eggs rolled into the water and broke. The pieces gave birth to earth, sky, sun, moon, stars and clouds.”

The Kalevala is an epic poem compiled from Finnish folklore in the 19th century. The Finnish-Spanish art collective HAAN (Hannes Aleksi and Antía Sánchez) created The “Quelevala” project, an intuitive exploration into the world of the Kalevala, aiming to find a lost understanding of the worldview of our ancestors and their relationship with nature.

The sculpture was completed in January 2020 in Spain and is parto os the collection of the Fundación Sales botanical garden in Vigo, Spain.

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