Art residence Lapinjärvi

Polku, meaning “path” in Finnish, is the proposal made by COVA in the first edition of Festival Landart Lapinjärvi which took place in Finland between 21-29 July 2018, together with other Finnish artists. The project, conceived and curated by Antonio Arosa, received funding from the Ministry of Finnish Culture.

COVA combines traditional and mythological Galician-Finnish building with a maze inspired by the Karelian swan (Finnish rock paintings) and petroglyphs of Mogor located in the town of Marín, Pontevedra. The preparation consisted of the group collecting materials from the forest followed by, ordering, offering or weaving in a greatly symbolic space located on a plain. It first served as a church and then became a windmill. Now the property belongs to descendants of Finnish composer Sibelius. 

On the opening day the group showed a performance that outreaches and gave the piece meaning and in which each member of the group established an internal dialogue with it; In other words, made their own path.

Intervention, conceived as a work of living art that will transform over time, it is meant to be walked on barefoot, enhancing sensory and immersive perception of nature and self.



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