COVA, new colective!

Cova are Aida Alonso, Antía Sánchez, Lucía Romaní, Neru Herreros and Silvia Sánchez.

Cova was born in 2017 by the confluence of common interests of action around art and nature, landart and performance.

Cova means cave, this name arose from the first artworks that came from intuition during our first visit to the forest, we liked the idea of shelter, burrow as the safe place of an animal, of a primitive human being.

COVA creative process emerges from a search and a desire to explore, from a sensitive perspective, places that surround nature and show everything that happens there; the flow of life.

From this experience of observers and participants -makers-, COVA visits nearby spaces with an open and spontaneous attitude that allows it to discover, permeate and inhabit the space through minimal, ephemeral actions that shape its projects.

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