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Translation of the article that talks about my painting by Hanne Hagenaars:

Het Parool, April 14, 2019

“Antía Sánchez was studying in my homeland, Finland back in 2003, there coincided with my son Hannes Aleksi through the Kuopio School of Arts and Design. Throughout the years Antía continued to have a close relationship with Finland. This year this work of art she has done together with the artist Candacol, came to my hands as a Christmas gift. When I opened the package, I felt really excited and something stirred inside of me, something that cannot be explained in words, obviously there was a very strong intuitive connection.

Hannes Aleksi had chosen this work especially for me from Antía’s website: as soon as he saw this painting, he thought it would be for me and it was indeed a match made in heaven.

My son is intuitive by nature and immediately saw the four elements of the material world that Buddha described: water, earth, air / ether and fire. Birches that grow from two women’s heads bind the feminine energy, because the birch is a female tree.

The powerful expression of this sublime collage is the fact that everything is connected: the other woman reaps something from the earth, something in a round and gray form, and the figure of the other woman simply drops something into the water, as if she were burying seeds. Together they present the cycle of nature. This work of art is capturing the essential, as it talks about the transition stages and the harmony of nature to which people belong.

Using simple figures to reach the essence of painting, it is based on folk art. The whole is soft and refined, with modest colors, except the explosive and strong color of the rising sun. The sun is explicitly present because without light and sun there is no life.

The two women figures are compact and visually strong. Their hands take center stage, the action is in their arms. Their activity keeps life cycles going.

Antía told me that she first painted only one female figure, but soon realized that the human being is never alone, but is always connected with another. So she felt she had to paint the second woman at work.

I find that in the picture there is a sphere of eternity, infinite. The subtlety of the blue tulle below invites me to a soft sphere of dreams.”

Owner: Rita Vaisanen, 62, yoga teacher.

Work: mixed technique by Antía Sánchez and Candacol.

Title: no title

Author of the text: Hanne Hagenaars.

Publisher: Het Parool, April 14, 2019

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