First of all, I want to present a ceramic art piece that for me is the referent, the beginning.

The title «Ancient Lantern» refers to its shape but how it was made implies that it might be an ancient object retrieved from an excavation hundreds of years ago.

For me is an object that has the ability of disclosing in blind moments the Väki* of the objects, or just illuminate the wisdom when im off course.


* Väki : “Term used in Finnish folk belief to refer to impersonal forces of a supernatural nature seen as inhabiting a wide range of objects and spaces in the natural and cultural environment: forest, water, animals, fire, iron tools, etc…” ( From more than mythology, Catharina Raudvere and Jens Peter Schodt)



Kalevala characters depicted as animals with a selection of materials such as mixed scrap wood, ceramic and paint.

Wood and clay.



Figures of PRAI made with a ceramic lathe. Hand finished.

Each piece is uniquely made without preconception, immersed in the intuition of the moment.

The 7 eggs speak for one scene from a Kalevala story:

“The air goddess Ilmatar comes down to primal waters, when a bird lands on her knee and puts seven eggs (6 Gold/1 Iron). When the eggs become too hot, she moves her leg, causing the eggs to crash into the water and form the earth, moon, stars, and the sun.” Kalevala, compilation by  Elias Lönnrot.

 Shown are sketches of the eggs during their initial stage, they are 18 x 10 x 10 cm.

These eggs are part of a project with the Haan Collective where we will compose «The Beginning of Universe» using Karelian* clay from lakes and transforming nature with the final art piece.

*Karelia is a region between Finland and Russia where most Kalevala was compiled.