Haan is a collaborative Project with Hannes Aleksi  that starts in 2019.

Our common interest in nature and Finnish culture meets in shape of landart, sculpture, ceramic and painting.

We have developed two projects this year:

> #eyeonwoods aims to mobilize in an artistic way through action reflected in social media, Why? To maximize the sound of a cut tree, to use its vaki (energy of an object that charges or uncharges depending on attention) that elevates the concept of a cut being, a broken link to live.

> Quelevala is the project that Haan is betting on now, waiting for the funding, Haan will provide Kalevala a different Shape, in an art context. A great project to be developed in years to come.


Väki : “Term used in Finnish folk belief to refer to impersonal forces of a supernatural nature seen as inhabiting a wide range of objects and spaces in the natural and cultural environment: forest, water, animals, fire, iron tools, etc…”  (text from “More than mythology” Catharina Raudvere and Jens Peter Schodt)