Common project between the Finnish artist and photographer Maria Kärkkäinen and the Spanish artist Antía Sánchez.


Its origin takes us to the year 2003, it is in that moment that the authors exchange their residences by enjoying an Erasmus grant: Maria in Pontevedra and Antía in Kuopio (Finland). This experience marks them deeply, but it will not be until the fall of 2009 when they perceive that there is a link between the different artistic projects that both have developed over these years: a poetic and narrative language that is born intuitively connecting nature and culture.

Since then they have been making art, and also making exhibitions together.



The project consists of a dialogue between photography and painting. It is a mutual interaction between the two artists and their different socio-cultural base. It took place in the Baari space, Helsinki.



Shown in the EMAO exhibition space (Vigo, SPAIN) 2012.

Painting and photography reinvent themselves in this exhibition by detaching themselves from their identity to connect, interact with each other, multiplying meanings and complexity.

The project is developed in the distance, becoming a virtual journey of images and thoughts in which computer science and the media have been just as fundamental as the camera or the brush.

This artistic dialogue that met for the first time under the title Postal images, an exhibition that took place in Helsinki in 2009, now shows its evolution in Galicia, in the EMAO space.



When MariaK and I meet together, magic comes to life through action, photography, drawing and performance. We always have open projects because magic never expires.

Performance in Mexico with Antías Potencial animal.