From 2003 until now I have always had a special relationship with Finland ever since a grant kept me working on art for a year in Kuopio. Then I made several trips to the South and North, understanding the magic that took me. I made several works with different artists such as Teemu RaudaskoskiMaria Kärkkäinen and Hannes Aleksi.

My artwork during these years consisted of paintings, sketchbooks, music and sculpture.

What mostly attracts my attention about this country are the extreme weather, Finland’s exotic unexplored greatness, the people and lifestyle and the Kalevala.

I also had two art residencies in Finland, one in Hirvitalo, Pispala (2010) and another with the COVA collective in Lapinjärvi (2018). My project in Pispala was to paint in extreme weather (-25ºC) so I first investigated reactions of water and pigments in cold temperatures. I started a plantation in a garden to resolve my final painting (in an old window) resulting in one extremely creative and amazing week.