Some mail-art that I have done which started when I lived in Finland. With the internet people totally forgot about sending letters, also forgetting how important physical contact is and the beauty of opening a letter. The first mail art I did was to myself, named “Autocorrespondence” and by sending this to myself, it made me start sending to others, sometimes with a clear message, others not, like in “The Magnolia Leaf” that only has an address and stamp. To me, it can’t be more poetic: I leave it in a postbox, I think about if it will ever arrive and it thankfully does thanks to the postman that takes it and understands that a plastic envelope will preserve it until it reaches its destination: a beautiful journey for a special item.


Text from the person that received “Happy birthday”:

“Today I received a gift, It has produced a charming surprise to me, it is a work of author’s mailart recognizable even in the distance, it took to arrive by those drifts that happen to this kind of strange poetic artifacts. A girl who closes herself with a light knotted rope that gags or kisses, a house, a road, a bouquet of flowers … a plastic delicacy that I have seen in each of your details. It is still an enigma every time it opens, a diptych letter that speaks nonstop and speechless.”

The next one is “Withlove”, a love letter.